Often where we read, work or study there is always someone that is bothering us. iSilencePlease monitors ambient noise and if it exceeds a certain threshold shut up noise people!

Quale dialetto vorresti?

Quale dialetto vorresti?

iSilencePlease - rilasciata versione 1.1


Now is available on iTunews the 1.1 version of iSilencePlease


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Silence is your right

Are you tired of being constantly bothered while you work, study or read?

Simple! Raise up the volume and put the iPhone to listen to the ambient noise, and when will exceed a threshold determined by you, will come a peremptory demand for silence.

And it's possible to select one of several dialects in order to be even more effective!

The silence is your right, and iSilencePlease helps you to conquer it!