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We are a team of informatic professionists with different work experiences and we have resolved to combine our experience and ability to design and build applications for mobile, particularly in the Apple world.


TPAD Team - TizianaTiziana: Xelia I work mainly in the development of web applications, including components for CMS on specific customer requirements, developing websites and I also deal with computer security, in particular the implementation of cryptographic libraries and related testing, the feature I'm most proud of is the creativity in each project or my work I try to apply it, not only with regard to graphics, including with regard to the design of new and improved functionality.



TPAD Team - PaoloPaolo: I'm a senior software developer with experience on C, C++, C# and Objective-C development for a long time.
Actual main development field is on C++ frameworks and 3D scientific visualization.
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application are my new field of development which is involving me with a lot of passion and interest in the last few years.




TPAD Team - AlessandroAlessandro: I manage together with Tiziana Xelia snc, which we founded as a result of participation in a corcorso for startup companies. I deal mainly with the development of web services, particularly in the field of marketing, as well as embedded software development and IT consulting to play at outside companies. I've always been interested in Open Source environment and new projects. In all my projects I try to give him strength and order.




TPAD Team - DanieleDaniele: I deal mainly with the development of frameworks and applications that take advantage of 3D graphics rendering in the biomedical field. My training was very different, but my willingness to study and explore new fields has led me to tackle this job with great success. My goal is to use my experience and knowledge to utilize innovative graphics engines for the mobile field, especially in the creation of games, which are my passion.